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Number of unique IP visitors: 10910
Number of page visits: 37640
Visits in past 24 hrs: 40
Top Three Referrers:

Visit Sessions: 35065
Number of games played: 549
Turns taken: 2344
Maximum turns in a game: 42
Minumum turns in a game: 2
Average turns in a game: 5.08

Fair turns: 1801
Cheat turns: 543*
Cheat percent: 23% *
Games won: 51
Win percent: 9%
Human Wins: 8%
Algorithm 1 Wins: 4%
Algorithm 2 Wins: 16%

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The last 20 moves played (last move on top)
Game IDTurnMovestatusDie RollTiles PlayedType
5379f344b9c54a3fb90387505dbc9945163795474810Cheat1 2 8human
5379f344b9c54a3fb90387505dbc994516379547489Cheat5 2 8human
5379f344b9c54a3fb90387505dbc994516379547488Cheat5 4 7human
5379f344b9c54a3fb90387505dbc994516379547487Cheat2 4 7human
5379f344b9c54a3fb90387505dbc994516379547486Cheat3 6 8human
5379f344b9c54a3fb90387505dbc994516379547485Cheat6 6human
5379f344b9c54a3fb90387505dbc994516379547484Fair6 2 8human
5379f344b9c54a3fb90387505dbc994516379547483Fair1 6 7human
5379f344b9c54a3fb90387505dbc994516379547482Fair6 6 1 2 9human
5379f344b9c54a3fb90387505dbc994516379547392Cheat3 5human
3ff6fddac2d5e2f327a8506dc6f3df1416379539312Cheat2 4human
4fe11ef3c9d1b966aca82abc9b9fd5ed16363955165Cheat1 2human
4fe11ef3c9d1b966aca82abc9b9fd5ed16363955164Cheat3 2human
4fe11ef3c9d1b966aca82abc9b9fd5ed16363955163Cheat6 2human
4fe11ef3c9d1b966aca82abc9b9fd5ed16363955162Cheat4 3human
1f8d5340ad69747d921875e42ef141f716351889693Fair1 4 5human
1f8d5340ad69747d921875e42ef141f716351889692Fair6 3 9human
e7be92b81cb1774a02992b256903900b16342002703Lost4 4 4human
e7be92b81cb1774a02992b256903900b16342002702Cheat3 1 1human
265845a2c2be6033400c329e45bff97f16340776974Cheat1 2 1 4human

Note: After about 190 games played we changed the end of game play, as a result the opportunity and benefit of cheating was reduced. The table below represents the cheat characteristics at that time.

Fair TurnsCheat TurnsCheat Percent

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